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Thorrington Mill Vineyard was born out of a dream of Mark & Polly’s to own their own vineyard and make their own wine.

Thorrington Mill

Thorrington Mill vineyard lies just 3 miles from the Essex coast. The 12 acres were planted in 2019 by husband-and-wife team, Mark and Polly Baines, with plantings of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Bacchus.

After starting a landscaping business and a glamping business, the pair took over the family farm in 2018 and decided, a year later, to establish the vineyard of their dreams.

Located in a stunning landscape, at the confluence of two local streams – with saltwater from Alresford Creek and freshwater from Tenpenny Brook - ‘Mill Farm’ is home to one of the only working tide mills in the country.

The vineyard is predominantly planted over pure limestone soil with some gravel near the riverbanks on sunny south-facing slopes, allowing the grapes to ripen slowly to perfection.

The Vineyards


The 12 acre south-facing estateplanted at sea level in Thorrington village, only 3 miles away from the North Sea.

Cool-climate viticulture tempered by the proximity to the Sea and the confluence of two streams, the Alresford Creek and Tenpenny Brook, slaloming across the estate.

A free-draining pure limestone soil imparting mineral finesse to the final wine, while regulating the water retention in the soils.

They practice sustainably with a focus on encouraging biodiversity – they have 12 ‘natural lawnmowers’, Shropshire sheep, to graze between the vine rows.
A small-scale family-run operation where everything is carried out by hand. 

The wines