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In 2016 Andrea Marchiori and Luis Barraud decided to launch their winery – Marchiori & Barraud.


Andrea Marchiori and Luis Barraud are a family of renowned winemakers who, since their university days, have given life to projects, dreams, children, and wines.

In 1999, they founded Viña Cobos, achieving significant international recognition through the production of wines that have become a benchmark for quality in Argentina.

Simultaneously, in 2004, they embarked on a personal project with a few barrels to enjoy with friends. These two projects ran in parallel until 2016 when they decided to launch their own brand, Marchiori Barraud, in alignment with their work philosophy and values.

From that beginning, Andrea and Luis have continued to create opportunities and projects that not only focus on the quality and evolution of wines but also on the care of life in its many forms and the development of human potential.

In December 2020, the renowned winemaker Noelia Torres joined the winemaking duo as a partner in the company. Noelia had previously been a part of the Viña Cobos team for 15 years, where she started as an analyst in 2002 and later served as the winemaking manager until 2017. During her career, Noelia has conducted harvests in Napa and Sonoma, USA, as well as in Cahors, France. She has also gained experience as a winemaking manager at Ruca Malen in Argentina. 

Numerous stories and experiences have woven a profound bond among the Marchiori & Barraud team members, confirming that after some years, they have come together again to continue pursuing their passion.

The Vineyards


Las Piedras’ vineyard – Mendoza River Zone – Uco Valley

Vineyards planted on the riverbanks over loamy textured, permeable soils formed by deposits including boulders, coarse sands and large-sized silts. The proximity of the river generates a constant breeze that circulates from west to east during the mornings and in the opposite direction during the afternoons. This allows the vine to produce thick-skinned grains with high polyphenol content, delivering wines with great structure and complexity.

‘Marchiori Vineyard’ - Agrelo and Perdriel - Lujan de Cuyo

A plot of vines planted over very deep soils with silty-clay loam texture strewn with fine minerals. Owned by Don Nico Marchiori since the ‘70s, this terroir with wide thermal amplitude allows the grapes to develop full phenolic ripeness while retaining key acids; delivering wines with great complexity and ageing potential. A world-class terroir for Malbec and Cabernets.

La Esperanza Vineyard’ – Las Pintadas, Tunuyan district – Uco Valley

This vineyard located in the Uco Valley captivated us for its multiple qualities. A spectacular vineyard planted over calcareous soils with a high presence of calcium and magnesium carbonate – these small to medium comglomerated stones represent an obstacle to the vines’ roots. Lower in the valley, the thermal amplitude between freezing nights and warm days deliver fruit rich in polyphenols  with bright acidity and complex aromatics.


Since their inception, sustainability has been a topic of concern for Marchiori & Barraud. With a view to reduce soil erosion and promote biodiversity, the estate is gradually converting to organic practices. Drip irrigation also allows them to provide the precise amount of water to each plant and avoiding wastage. Precise soil studies of the soils combined with advanced technology help them to make the best decision in protecting and preserving their terroir for the future.

The wines