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Corney and Barrow


Your wine is your wine, physically and legally ring fenced from our own stock. With 24/7 online access, you get all the joy of watching your cellar build, while we ensure it remains utterly secure and in optimum conditions


We charge a fee per unit of wine you store with us. One unit is equal to a case of 6 standard 75cl bottles of wine.

Our fees are based on a tiered system: the more you store the less you pay, per unit - see table below. We can guarantee a competitive quote.

Tiers for 2021-2022

The table below explains each tier in detail. We will be charging based on a standard 6 x 75cl case (referred to as a “unit”) or equivalent. Your tier will include not only wines that you physically store with us but also those that you have bought en primeur and are still abroad, making it easier to qualify for a lower charging tier (unique in our experience).

No. of Units Stored (6 x 75cl or equivalent)
Cost per Unit (excl. VAT)
1 to 200
201 to 600

Please note:

• If you have only 3 bottles of a particular wine in store, you will be charged for one unit or 6 x 75cl equivalent. Likewise if you have 9 bottles in store you will be charged for two units.

• Larger format bottles (magnums, double-magnums, etc.) are broken down into bottle equivalents and charged as above.

• A case of 12 (75cl standard) bottles equals 2 units.

• Wine storage is billed annually in arrears or when the wine is withdrawn.

• Storage year: 1st June to 31st May. We review our storage charges at the end of each storage year.

• The wine is insured to full replacement value.

• We will store mixed cases under certain circumstances. Mixed cases must be authorised by us in advance. Please contact us for further information.

• We cannot be held responsible for the quality of wines which have not been bought from Corney & Barrow, due to their unknown provenance.

En Primeur Purchases

Corney & Barrow wines bought en primeur will automatically be delivered to your reserve, in bond.

We will email you a monthly ‘En Primeur Arrival Report’, showing wines received into your reserve during the past month. You can choose to leave the wine with us or have it delivered.

Your Reserves Online

With 24 hour access to your reserves online, you can arrange deliveries, request valuations and add tasting notes against wines.

If you're most interested in financial information, there are a variety of tools at your fingertips, including:

• 24 hour access to Liv-ex valuations

• Export cellar information as Excel or CSV files

To register, email [email protected] with your account number. Once registered, you can access your reserves by selecting 'MY ACCOUNT' at the top of our website, or click here.

For more information, please watch our online tutorials

Wine From Other Merchants

Our storage rates are designed to help you consolidate your cellars in one location, eliminating any charges for receiving cases bought elsewhere.

We can also ship wines internationally that you have bought from other sources.

Wines intended for shipment with us must be clearly marked with the appropriate customer account and shipment reference, and sent to our Hoddesdon facility to be prepared. For shipping cut-off dates please contact your salesperson or email [email protected]. If you have any queries, please contact us.

Larger transfers/deliveries must be authorised by us in advance to ensure we can process them efficiently for you. If you would like to send more than 20 cases, please contact us first. For any wines being sent to us from elsewhere, we need to know when to expect them, together with details of the wines and case values.

Whilst we endeavour to correctly log your wines from other merchants in your reserves, from time to time you may encounter the odd query with values or a description. It is your responsibility to raise potential discrepancies with us; if you should have any queries please contact your salesperson or email us. If the issue is around the bonded value of a wine, we may need to see a copy of the invoice.

We require proof of purchase price (invoice) for all wines from other merchants. Wines cannot be added to your reserves without this.

Delivery From Reserve

This can be arranged at any time, following a written request by email, letter or through our online reserves platform. Delivery from reserves to your home address is free of charge if you live on mainland UK. Deliveries to multiple and non-mainland UK addresses will be charged at the prevailing rate. Please also note the following:

1. We follow a strict policy of due diligence and, in order to protect your reserves from unauthorised or fraudulent delivery instructions, we are therefore unable to accept instructions for the movement of reserves over the telephone.

2. We will also seek to reconfirm with you directly any online withdrawal instruction that requires reserves to be delivered to an address other than the home address that is currently held on our database.

3. For accounts held in joint names we will accept, rely and act upon instructions given by any one of the customers named on that account unless previously instructed to the contrary in writing by the joint account holders.

4. To minimise the risk of breakages, withdrawals will only be permitted as full cases.

5. Our export team can arrange for international delivery of your reserves; please email [email protected] for more information.

6. Free delivery from reserve to UK addresses applies to standard deliveries of up to 10 cases*. If a larger delivery is required, charges may apply.
*A case is anything from 1 to 12 standard 75cl bottles, or their equivalents in other volumes, up to a maximum of 9 litres of wine.

If these arrangements seem inconvenient, we hope that you appreciate that they are in your best interests.

Collections of Wines

We can arrange collection of our customers’ wines for storage in their Corney & Barrow reserves, from another UK bonded warehouse or from a mainland UK residential address. There is a charge starting from £23.02 ex-VAT for up to 10 cases*. Please contact us for collections of more than 10 cases.
*A case is anything from 1 to 12 standard 75cl bottles, or their equivalents in other volumes, up to a maximum of 9 litres of wine. We do not accept mixed cases: cases must contain the same wine, from the same vintage. These charges are for the London area(outside London the charges will be higher).

Your Wine Is Safe With Us

Primary insurance cover for wines stored at Great Bear Hoddesdon is provided by C&B’s 'All Risks' policy (that also covers wines stored in the Corney & Barrow cellars in Ayr) and supplemented by our promise to ensure that should your wines be lost or damaged in our care, you will be fully compensated. In the first instance we will try to source a replacement case from a reputable source, but if none is found, we will compensate you with a sum equivalent to the current market value of your wine.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the provenance of wines purchased from other merchants. Wines sent in from other merchants will be landed in such a way that they are clearly identified as not purchased through C&B and therefore not part of C&B’s guaranteed provenance. In the eventuality of a wine purchased from another merchant being counterfeit, we would not entertain a claim for compensation.

Our customers’ reserves at Hoddesdon are held in a separate account with Great Bear in the name of Corney & Barrow Client Reserves. Reserves both at Hoddesdon and Ayr are physically stored in an area of the warehouse separate to our own wines We also maintain detailed and accurate records of all wines owned by our customers and this information is viewable on our website. This is in line with our published, UK Terms & Conditions (Clause 7.7 refers). Clause 4 of those Terms & Conditions also makes it clear that you have absolute ownership of your reserves once you have paid for them in full, whether or not those reserves are held under bond or duty paid. In these circumstances, your private reserves can never be treated as belonging to Corney & Barrow.

Your peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us.

Read our Storage Terms and Conditions.