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The Roqueta family’s experience in winemaking has been documented since 1199

Bodegas Roqueta

‘Mas Oliveras’ is a range of wines created by the historic Bodegas Roqueta. The bodega was founded by Ramon Roqueta, who planted vines on ancient olive groves (‘oliveras’) in the foothills of the Catalonian Pyrenees northwest of Barcelona.

This area has its own unique microclimate capable of producing very high quality grapes:
the high altitude (up to 400m ASL) creates significant day/night temperature swings, which allow the vines a rest period thus promoting delicate aromas and flavours along with full phenolic grape ripeness.

Furthermore, the vineyards’ location in the lee of the Pyrenees protects the vineyards from Atlantic depressions, while to the East, the Mediterranean sea tempers climatic extremes. Today the bodega is owned and run by Ramon’s great grandchildren, who have also set up a museum in honour of Catalonia’s wine heritage.

The Vineyards

Bodegas Roqueta vineyards

The vineyards lay In the foothills of the Pyrenees near Manresa, northwest of Barcelona.

A combination of high altitude (up to 400metres ASL) and the resulting cool temperatures, the proximity to the Mediterranean, and the shelter offered by the mountains allow grapes to ripen to the best of their ability.

The soils are a mix of gravel and clay, with excellent drainage and a deep water table which is positive for grape quality.

The production is ‘sustainable’ whereby use of chemicals is strictly limited to respect the balance of the vineyard and the overall health of the vines.

The wines