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“It's like a work of art: technique is of secondary importance. Culture and a keen sense of smell are what’s needed, good quality land, an unmarred environment pared down to its original state. You need to love what you do; wine is not just one product but many things put together. If even just one of these things is missing a balance is broken, it spoils everything, the whole thing comes down like a castle made of playing cards.” Gianfranco Soldera. The label sports a symbolic dolphin, sacred to Dionysus, god of wine and fertility. It is very clear to Gianfranco that great wine is made through ruthless selection in the vineyard. The two adjacent vineyards - Case Basse and Vigna Intistiesti - lie on the southern side of Montalcino. He started from scratch, planting uniquely Sangiovese on these two small plots.

Obsessive from the outset about pursuit of quality he was convinced that:
• a complex ecosystem has to be sustained which provides an ideal natural habitat for growing vines.
• he would determine his own path, whist keeping an eye on both traditional and modern outlooks.

He respects the methods of the past, techniques based originally on intuition which then evolved with time and experience. However, allied to that, he believes that modern approaches ought to challenge the validity of the accepted norms, if only to gain greater understanding of what works and why – and then to improve on that. These enlightened principles underpin Soldera’s philosophy and his firm belief that he is ensuring nature’s full potential.

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