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Danish born, Bordeaux-trained Peter Sisseck was dispatched to Spain in1990, at the age of 27, to the as yet rather unknown area of Ribera del Duero. Despite its relative obscurity at the time Ribera del Duero has a long viticultural history and Peter believed that it had the potential to produce Spain’s finest wines. A combination of factors including high altitude, warm sunny days and cool nights would, Peter was certain, ensure wonderful complexity and vibrant freshness.

It was from this belief that the iconic Pingus was created, a wine which soared to worldwide acclaim, as did Peter’s reputation as a truly gifted winemaker. The production of Pingus is tiny however, at around 17hl/ha and so Peter looked for additional projects, Flor de Pingus and now PSI. Peter had identified some interesting sites from which he would have been delighted to buy, different terroirs with which he would like to experiment – but not for Flor. A germ of an idea was sown, which would ultimately blossom as this wonderful wine. The philosphy behind the new wine involves both revisiting and reinventing tradition. Large wooden vats were be used and oak is very much under-played. Over successive vintages Peter will experiment with contrasting and complementary vinification methods, to express the character, texture and fruit of Ribera wines in the best way possible. This is Psi's debut vintage and represents an embryonic stage of an exciting new adventure.