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Achaval Ferrer is the result of a meeting of minds. A group of Argentinian and Italian friends came together in 1998 with one aim in mind. They had set their sights on producing world class wine in Argentina, wines which would offer exceptional quality whilst remaining faithful to their origins. It is difficult today to appreciate the sheer scale of this ambition. At that time few people would have considered Argentina as anything but a volume workhorse however Achaval Ferrer was clear about what their point of difference would be – wines from old, low yielding vines with restricted production – both key to Achaval Ferrer’s iconic style. Their philosophy echoes that of so many of our principals; here, the vineyard is considered fundamental. Viticulture too often plays second fiddle amongst commentators who tend to focus on winemaking skills – not at Achaval Ferrer. That said including Italian agronomist come winemaker Roberto Cipresso in the partnership was a significant and inspired coup.